StressFracture Nightly Builds

This page contains "nightly" builds for StressFracture. They will be updated sporadically as new changes are made to the code. Don't count on one new build per night.

NOTE: These builds may not be stable. They are not necessarily guaranteed to work or to be free of bugs. Download them AT YOUR OWN RISK. The developers of this software are NOT responsible if these files harm your computer. By using these files, you agree that Whind Games and all developers of StressFracture are NOT liable for ANY harm that directly or indirectly results from the use of this software.

Today's Mac Build:

Mac Binary in .dmg format

Note: This build is out of date. Use the SVN repository for up-to-date code. Logo
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Last modified on: 2/25/07.         Thanks to Alessandro Fulciniti for his corner-rounding code.